Fisher Investments on Becoming a High Net Worth Individual

In 2008, Ken Fisher outlined the ten ways people typically get wealthy. There are many definitions of wealth, but in this book, Fisher Investments Executive Chairman Ken Fisher is referring to those with $30 million or more in the bank. So what does it take to be a high net worth individual? Not a lot: Ken Fisher believes by following one (or more) of these paths to wealth, attaining high net worth status is easier than it seems.

Fisher Investments Executive Chairman Ken Fisher's Roads to Riches

  1. The highest of the high net worth individuals usually come from here: Starting a successful business. On this road, your success can be unlimited—think Donald Trump or Hugh Heffner.
  2. Earn your way up the corporate ladder and become CEO of a top company, and milk it for all its worth. This way, someone else did the leg work to get the company successful; it's now the CEO's business to keep it there.
  3. Find your local visionary and ride along his wave of celebrity and success.
  4. Become a celebrity yourself and turn your name and/or image into wealth—or become famous for being wealthy. Either way works (eg: Paris Hilton).
  5. Marry very, very, very well: Become the next generation Anna Nicole Smith
  6. Steal it—legally, of course (ie: plaintiff's attorneys).
  7. Leverage OPM (other people's money) and capitalize on their holdings
  8. Create or invent a recurring, endless revenue stream
  9. Real estate—location, location, location on steroids
  10. Become a penny-pinching investor: Save long and prosper

For more information on Ken Fisher’s book, please visit the following website: The Ten Roads to Riches.