What Money Management Options are Available to High Net Worth Individuals? Fisher Investments Outlines Several Along with Inherent Risks.

Curious about the difference between stock brokers and bank trust departments? Interested in understanding whether mutual funds or self management is right for you? The following is an overview of the different ways you can invest your money in today's market and Fisher Investments’ view on the risks associated with different approaches

Fisher Investments on Brokers

  • The highest of the high net worth individuals usually come from here: Starting a successful business. On this road, your success can be unlimited—think Donald Trump or Hugh Heffner.
  • "Jack-of-all-trades" primarily focused on selling
  • Typically no formal training to make investment recommendations

Fisher Investments on Mutual Funds

  • Tax inefficient
  • Unable to customize
  • Security duplication
  • No communication with investment decision-makers

Fisher Investments on Self Management

  • Often lack the tools, time and training necessary for proper analysis
  • Tend to make too many decisions
  • Tend to follow emotion instead of reason

Fisher Investments on Bank Trust Departments

  • Investment management is not a core competency
  • Reputation for paying managers less than the industry standard
  • Often concerned with minimizing own liability

What Fisher Investments Brings to the Table

Fisher Investments' primary focus is portfolio management—that is our core competency. Our management fees are based solely on the value of the portfolio (and we make no money on trades), so our interests are directly aligned with yours. We have a seasoned team of key decision makers, including Ken Fisher, with over 130 years combined industry experience. The firm is ultimately 100% employee owned, enabling us to control our own destiny. We are pioneers in research with a dedicated staff developing capital markets technology for the purpose of adding value to the investment process. Finally, we offer a dedicated service team, offering clients personalized, one-on-one service, education and communications. We feel these capabilities are unmatched in the industry.